Prezi isn’t our final project. It is very good for me because I haven’t started it yet. Our new final project is personal website. It is weebly.

I haven’t any idea whether this project is difficult or not. I am afraid of the project. 😦




This week, I learnt about podcast. I haven’t heard it. I don’t know what it is. We can download something on our mobile phone.

Another topic was audioboo. It is a radio program. The teacher said that we would record our voice with this program. I am afraid of it 😦




In this week, we learnt movie maker and storyjumper. Last year, I used movie maker for young learner lesson. I prepared a digital story with the pictures on movie maker. It was difficult for me.

Storyjumper is similar to movie maker. Storyjumper is a website. We can prepare our own book by using storyjumper.



Our topic was twitter and facebook. I usually use twitter and facebook. I have an account  on both twitter and facebook. I always use facebook, but I seldom use twitter. I don’t know why I don’t use it.

In my opinion, using facebook is more enjoyable than using twitter.



The topic was online conference. It is very useful for students and teachers. We don’t have to go to the class or school for lesson. We can attend the lesson at home. 

We can share a video or another thing with this program. While the teacher is mentioningthe topic, the students can discuss the topic or chat with together. They can ask questions about the lesson and everybody can see these questions.

I like it very much 🙂


ImageWe mentioned “online classes” in this week. The online class is a type of distance learning. Online students and teachers interact over the Internet. Firstly, we mentioned “nicenet.org”    It isn’t useful. We can’t install file or video. We install the video or file on the other website, then we share the links of them. The purpose is to be fast.

The other thing is “campus.dokeos.com”     We do step by step everything. If we don’t do one phase, we can’t another phase. There are three phases. The first part is for the teacher. The second part is for the students, and the last part is administration.

I like it. We add the quizes with it. It is enjoyful.


the sixth week



The topic of this week was “prezi”. I haven’t heard it. Prezi is like powerpoint, but prezi is more useful than powerpoint. We can make presantation with prezi. Prezi has got a disadvantages. We have to be online in order to prepare presentation with prezi. 

It is my final project. I am curious about it. It will be very interesting.

I hope that my students will like it in the future 🙂 🙂